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Programme is designed as by IAEC University, Togo, IAEC degree online programmes are recognised at par with on-campus programmes. IAEC degrees are widely accepted by governments, corporate organisations, and higher education institutions for jobs, higher education, and future prospects, provided other criteria are fulfilled.

As per the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) Regulations, 2020, This recognition endorses IAEC’s academic model, world class amenities, pedagogical approaches, quality of education, and as an institute of top repute.

All graduates certificates come legalised by the government. IAEC is also listed on the World Higher Education Databae (WHED).

Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2021

01 Accounting
02 Economics
03 Energy Management
04 Finance
05 Hospitality And Tourism Management
06 Human Resource Management
07 International Business
08 Management
09 Marketing
10 MBA (Master In Business Administration)



Master of Science (MSc.) Programmes 2021

01 Agricultural Economics
02 Air Transport And Logistics Management
03 Artificial Intelligence
04 Building Information Modeling
05 Business Administration
06 Civil Engineering Management
07 Computer Science
08 Construction Management
09 Construction Project Management
10 Cyber Security
11 Cyber-Psychology
12 Demolition Management
13 Development Studies
14 Development Economics
15 Digital And Visual Communications
16 Digital Marketing Leadership
17 Diplomacy And Negotiation
18 Electronics And Telecommunications
19 Environmental Economics
20 Environmental Management
21 Environmental Pollution And Remediation
22 Environmental Science
23 Estate Management
24 Facilities Management
25 Finance And Accounting
26 Finance And Investment Management
27 Finance And Real Estate
28 Financial Economics
29 Financial Management
30 Hospitality And Event Management

31 Human Resource Development
32 Human Resource Management
33 Industrial Design
34 Information Technology Management
35 Innovation And Entrepreneurship
36 International Banking And Finance
37 International Business And Finance
38 International Business Management
39 International Economics
40 International Political Economy
41 International Relations And Diplomacy
42 International Relations And Management
43 International Relations
44 Labour And Industrial Economics
45 Land Management
46 Land Transportation And Logistics
47 Leadership And Management
48 Management Sciences
49 Maritime Transport And Logistics
50 Marketing Management
51 Monetary Economics
52 Peace Studies
53 Plant And Machinery Management
54 Political Science
55 Professional Communication
56 Project Management
57 Public And Local Administration
58 Public Management
59 Public Policy Development
60 Public Relations And Corporate
61 Rural Property Management
62 Safety Engineering
63 Statistics
64 Strategic Studies And Energy Security
65 Strategic Studies And Management
66 Strategic Studies
67 Studio Technology
68 Urban And Regional Planning
69 Web And Mobile Application Development



Master of Technology (MTech.) Programmes 2021

01 Agricultural Extension And Communication
02 Agricultural Extension
03 Architecture
04 Computer Technology
05 Information Technology
06 Landscape Architecture
07 Project Management Technology
08 Transport Management Technology

Master of Arts (M.A) Programmes 2021

01 Applied Social Science
02 Christian Education
03 Computational Linguistics
04 Contemporary Media
05 Corpus Linguistics
06 Creative Writing
07 Design And Applied Arts
08 English
09 Film And Television Production
10 Forensic And Investigative Psychology
11 French And International Studies
12 History
13 Literary Studies
14 Military History
15 Occupational Psychology
16 Psychology
17 Sociology
18 Teaching English As A Foreign Language (Tefl)


Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) Programmes 2021

01 Civil And Structural Engineering
02 Communications Engineering
03 Construction Engineering
04 Control Engineering
05 Geo-Technical Engineering
06 Manufacturing Engineering
07 Mechanical Engineering
08 Power System Engineering
09 Production Engineering
10 Structural Engineering
11 Transportation Engineering
12 Water Resources And Environmental


Master of Education(M.Ed.) Programmes 2021

01 Education Management
02 Educational Administration

Master of Law (LLM.) Programmes 2021

01 International Law


NB: ‘’students are required to cover a minimum of 180 credit units in the course of the program (maximum of 80 credit units per semester). Whereas, masters of research m.res is available for all courses listed above’’