Engineering Degree Top-up for HND Graduates (Online & Distance Learning)

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for IAEC University, Togo.

Our Engineering (Top-Up) B.Eng course is designed specifically for busy field workers in

  • Eng. Civil Engineering
  • Eng. Electrical Electronics Engineering

Are you a practicing technician, engineer or technologist working in the oil and gas, on board ships, maritime engineers,  production company engineer and hardly get the time to attend classes? This programme have been designed to cater for your educational needs.

The Online and Distance Learning Courses aim to:

  • Provide Employers with an opportunity to develop structured pathways for staff development.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to gain degree qualifications by giving recognition of their prior learning both through studies and in the workplace.
  • Provide a route for academic development whilst minimising the time required for attendance at the University
  • Enable you to gain knowledge and skills in the latest Engineering and technological developments.

To make an initial enquiry about this programme please call or chat – 09020982060

 On successful completion of study, IAEC University, Togo, an accredited university in West Africa will issue the following award;

B.Eng. Civil Engineering

B.Eng. Electrical Electronics Engineering

Course content

This course is designed around modules that give it its distinctive theme plus other common modules that broaden the engineering perspective of the student. The culmination of the course is the Final Work Based Project which provides an opportunity for the student to apply what has been learned in solving a work-based engineering problem.


Entry requirements (Any of the following)

  • An HND or Equivalent Diploma in an Engineering related discipline plus
  • Working in an Engineering role in a verifiable firm.
  • Currently serving or have served in the Armed Forces
  • Candidates must have access to electrical engineering lab, access to field projects and other practical engineering environment to be accepted for this programme.

Compulsory Course Briefing Day Attendance and Matriculation Day

Prior to submitting your online application and starting your classes, you are required to participate in a compulsory Course Briefing Day (CBD). The purpose of the day is to provide an in-depth overview of how the course is structured, the commitment required to study and how to attend to your access your project and project defense.

This is an opportunity for students to participate in an online CBD which is delivered on the campus (if matriculation) or online (if CBD)

If you would like to participate in the CBD or Matriculation Day, please chat or contact 09020982060 to start your registration.

Teaching and assessment


As a distance learning student, you’ll be an active learner interacting with content, your fellow students and your module tutors. Support is available when you need it. You can contact your module tutor, your personal tutor, Information Service staff and subject specialist librarian by phone, email or in person.

Our teaching is supported through our Virtual Learning Environment called Blackboard. This means you can access a range of materials to support your studies wherever you are via your PC, tablet or phone. This includes accessing video, audio and discussion forums where you can debate subjects with your tutors and fellow students.


All modules are individually accessed via one or more methods dependent upon the requirement of that module. The method of assessment is chosen to ensure that we can verify that you have met the learning outcomes of the module. These methods may include individual coursework assignments, written reports, discussion contributions and practical exercises.

Typically, assignment submission and feedback will be via Blackboard Learning Portal. Much of the assessment is done online but some practical assessments may need to be done at the university. Module results will also be made available electronically.

Learning support

A personal tutor will be appointed who is a subject matter expert. Support for any modules will be conducted face-to-face, via email, or telephone.


You will normally receive feedback on coursework assessments within 10 working days following the date of submission. The feedback you receive will help to focus you to achieve better grades on the next set of modules you study.

Study option: Accelerated Part-time, top-up, distance learning

Duration: 1 Year, 2 years and 3 years it depends on your existing qualification and work experience.

Next Start date: 25 January 2021

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