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BSc. (top up), MBA, MSc. and EMBA programmes &

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the world is full of uncertainty due to the pandemic outbreak. We are constantly having to adapt to new ways of living, working, and communicating. Our plans for the next year, next month or even next week are continually challenged as government policies are changing. therefore, we are committed to providing a programme and quality that fits around you. Read more

Top Up & Accelerated Degrees

We aware of the fact that there are a number of benefits in topping up your current qualification to a degree and that it may open up further opportunities available to you in the future. By completing the top up course you will help to demonstrate to an employer that you have the academic, organizational and management skills needed for your chosen career path. Read more

We offer Accelerated Degrees for certain courses, which allow students who study via our platform to complete a full degree course in just two years.

Studying this mode will mean you will have to put at least 25 hours of study-time each week.

Studying for an Accelerated Degree will require you to study six semesters per year. At Renwesson students study a couple of courses per semester over the course of six weeks. During the semester students are to complete two coursework based assignments, meaning there are no end of year exams in this type of study pattern.

Mini MBA Programmes

The Mini-MBA programmes are training regimens focused on the fundamentals of business management. The program provides an introductory insight into business, preparing students as well as professionals for what might be a further exploration, or just a foundational understanding of the area which may be useful for their chosen career path. While it is named as “Mini-MBA”, it is generally not considered as a version of MBA degree, nor an academic degree and typically required no official accreditation from accrediting agencies.

Mini-MBA programs typically cover the content topics of traditional MBAs such as accounting, business communication, business ethics, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, operations, and strategic management but in shorter introductory modules or courses. These programs are typically non-credit bearing and require less than 100 hours of total learning. Read more

WIN up to 100% Scholarship

Some programmes are available at highly discounted rates for certain categories of students residing in Africa. Graduates from Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya and other English speaking states in Africa may access some of the fully funded short certificate programmes to enhance their resumes.